On Being a Rule-Follower….

I am learning that I am a bit of a rule follower. This may be because I am Canadian (this is what my American colleagues tell me) or because I am a bit of a nerd (this has also been said before). Either way, I do seem to have a desire to follow rules and to have order in my life. When I travel, the prospect of renting a Bixi bike on a bike share program excites me, until I realize that I don’t have a helmet. I find the bike helmet rule is worth following. I do not really want to have my head cracked open like a melon while I am on holiday. On the other hand, if I find the rule to be inherently unfair, I lose my mind a bit, and I might try to get the rule changed to restore justice to the world. It doesn’t occur to me to just break the rule.

I also do not like to break my self-imposed rules, like my rule that I will post a blog every Wednesday. This week, I am a bit late. I am sorry about that. I also seem to have developed my own rules to live by. I have ten. I realize that in most top 10 lists, there are only 6-8 that are actually good. The rest are fillers. See if you can spot the fillers here.

My top 10 list of rules:

  1. Don’t eat at restaurants with the name of a meat or an animal in it. (This is a vegetarian rule. These restaurants seldom work out for me.)
  1. If you have two friends that are in a long-term relationship that break up, don’t try to stay friends with both of them. Just pick one and move on.
  1. If you have two friends in a long-term relationship that bicker all the time, they are probably going to break up soon and/or are miserable. I used to think that this was just “their way” of communicating. I was wrong. (see rule #9)
  1. If you have a friend that either gains or loses a lot of weight suddenly, something is probably wrong with them. Don’t try to pretend that you didn’t notice. Talk to them.
  1. Try to get to 10 when you make a top 10 list, even if one or two of the items on your list are clearly filler.
  1. Only stay at a B&B if is run by a gay couple.
  1. Do not compare someone to a famous person unless that person is hot. I do not want to hear that I look like someone that is famously ugly, thank you very much.
  1. If you can take something someone says two ways, always take it as a complement. Even if it was not intended that way, it will make you feel better and an insult doesn’t work as well if you are too obtuse to be offended.
  1. If you are working in any service industry (including veterinary medicine) tell clients that you are doing your best when they seem unsatisfied or if they are on the verge of becoming unsatisfied. It is not possible to do any more than your best and this will make the conversation end.
  1. Your hair and your glasses (and/or sunglasses) are your most consistent and best accessories. Spend money on them.

Next week I am going to blog about another rule that is too big for a list, why I have never declawed a cat.

Until next week,

Sarah out.

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