New Year’s Blah-g

I feel a lot of pressure today to write my blog because: 1. It is Wednesday, and I always post my blog on Wednesdays (unless I post on Thursday) 2. Tens of people are counting on my Wednesday/Thursday blog and/or being forced to read it because I keep posting it on Twitter and Facebook and 3. Because it is New Year’s Eve and it seems appropriate to write my weekly blog about the New Year. That’s what everyone else who writes a blog or anything is doing today. I am feeling pretty Blah to be writing about the New Year, my resolutions, or a review of 2014. I know that this is a bad way to start a blog, but it is the truth. I am already so sick of hearing about the top moments of 2014. Generally, the moments from January 1st to November 1st do not make the consciousness list of 2014, so the reviews are really just a review of the past 2-3 months and I remember the Sony Hack like it was just last week. Everyone does. Because it was just last week. Also, most of the news stories of 2014 were horrific and it is hard to put a positive New Year’s spin on them. I have heard a few people on the news try to do this by saying that 2014 was the year of everything bubbling to the surface, all of that racial and feminist tension, finally exploding into… not really sure what. A lot of protests and violence and misogyny and misery from what I can tell. Apparently people are pretty tired of getting shot at, raped and groped. And speaking of being groped, it is also amazing to me that CBC radio has put out a review of 2014 pop culture on Q and another satirical review on The Current this week and there was only one small sound bite about Jian Gomeshi-gate. From what I remember, this was big news, in Canada at least. (In the US, no one knows who Jian Gomeshi is or that this is an actual name.) But that was 3 months ago and it is mortifying, so everyone in Canada has moved on. Everyone, except for Jian, his victims and the publicist for the Canadian cinematic release of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I actually like New Year’s Eve more than Christmas, but that is not to say that I love New Year’s Eve. There is a lot of New Year’s Eve pressure to have the most fun-filled night of your life, or at least your year. The best and most memorable New Year’s Eves for me are always the pre-party, where a group of friends gets together before heading out on the town. Maybe it is the anticipation, or the fact that these are your actual friends who you love, but I am always a little sad when the pre-party ends and it is time to head out into the cold to the overpriced NYE event. I would beg everyone just to stay put with me and keep the pre-party going all night, but there is the New Year’s Eve anticipation, and we have all paid fifty bucks or more for a cover charge, a plastic glass of undrinkable champagne, a party hat and a noise maker. You can’t pass that up. The lesson here is, if you are having the time of your life, appreciate it and acknowledge how fleeting these moments with your best friends are. You don’t really learn that until you can’t just snap your fingers and have a room full of people you adore ready to ring in the new year with you. I am not saying that to be pathetic (but realize it sounds a bit pathetic). I am saying it because it is true. When you think that something is too good to last, you are probably right.

I am sticking close to home this year. Mostly because I live in rural North Florida now and I am terrified to be out on the roads after midnight. This area has not really embraced the concept of drinking and driving as a social problem, or a crime, it’s more of a lifestyle. When I say that there are drunk cowboys on the roads, I mean that literally. And when I say that I am spending New Year’s Eve back at the ranch, I mean that literally too.

I wasn’t going to do it, but I have a few resolutions to share. They kind of flowed out of me like an unstoppable New Year’s Eve Force. I have ten. In fact it is (another) top ten list. These are my top ten (meaning that there are actually more but I am only recording ten) New Year’s Resolutions for 2015.

10. Take work email off of smart phone. When I told my friend that I did this (have been doing this off and on for a month, I am making it permanent for 2015!). He gasped. How could you? We all need to unplug. This #digitaladdiction is getting cray. #unplug #NYresolutions2015 #NYE2015

9. Wear more jewelry. This is a vet thing. We need to bedazzle ourselves more. Also I think that I could actually keep this resolution.

8. Write another book. Writing Lucky Dog never felt like work. I really want/need to get my writing mojo back on. Any suggestions are welcome.

7. Stop binge drinking. I actually don’t really do this, (or so I thought) so it should be an easy one to keep. Apparently, if a woman drinks more than 3 drinks in 2 hours, this is defined as binge drinking. I learned this on CBC. I do that sometimes. But not any more.

6a. Run half marathon in February
6b. Train for half marathon in February

5. Do more yoga

4. Try an improv comedy course

3. Enjoy doing nothing sometimes. I just realized what my problem is. This resolution is the antithesis of resolutions #4 through 6 and #8.

2. Stop padding your top ten lists with fluff just to get to ten. Top nine is ok too. Stop being such a perfectionist.

1. Stop being friends with narcissists. Maybe this seems obvious to you, but narcissists are so freaking fun to be around. I find them irresistible. They are hugely entertaining when they are shining their shiny pretty light on you. But it gets really cold and dark when they stop. Best avoided.

Happy New Year!!

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