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I am a veterinary cancer surgeon and cancer survivor. Ironic, right? My new book, LUCKY DOG: HOW BEING A VETERINARIAN SAVED MY LIFE, (www.houseofanansi.com and now in Australia!! http://www.allenandunwin.com) is a memoir about what it’s like to go through the human health care system, wishing you could get treated as well as a dog. LUCKY DOG, is a funny book about cancer. It will make you laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time, most of the time out loud.

This blog is about the canine and feline patients that I treat, their owners, life after thyroid cancer treatment and life in general as a Canadian living in Florida. I should probably say that I’m ok, everyone always asks me that. I’m great, thanks for asking. Don’t worry. It’s good cancer. I will try to update this blog once a week. I promise, I won’t let you down. If I do let you down, it is just that sometimes the day job gets in the way. My day job is at the University of Florida, treating dogs and cats with cancer. Views, observations, neuroses, grammatical errors, poor judgement, and hilarious jokes are my own. Any similarities between the clients and patients portrayed in this blog and real life are simply because I did not do a good enough job disguising them. Je m’excuse.

You can buy LUCKY DOG at your favourite indy or soul-crushing big box bookstore, through the House of Anansi website, or you can just have it drop shipped to you with one click or get the e-book. (http://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Dog-Being-Veterinarian-Saved/dp/1770893512) I won’t judge. Do what you gotta do.

For media or speaking engagement requests, please contact Laura Meyer at House of Anansi Press lmeyer@anansi.ca 1-416-363-4343 X229.

Twitter: @drsarahboston

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  1. Sarah
    Here’s another response to your book – was enthralled and read it in a day. You write with great fluidity, conversationally in fact.
    Your theme obviously has a lot to do with it as, no doubt with many of your readers, I love dogs. As a result I rate people on whether they have a dog or not, and what type it might be. Black Lab owners are right at the top (my childhood brothers and sisters were black labs), Pit Bull owners are somewhat suspect.
    Interesting to hear about the workings of the Canadian health care system; I’ve always been under the impression that it was a very professional and efficient organisation, more cost effective than the States and better than the UK, NZ and possibly Auztralia. But in your own case, in the short term anyway, obviously not. Good that you got your tumour all cleared up with a lot of help from yourself. What happened to your parathyroids?
    Our old (speyed) bitch might have had a diagnosis of hyperlipidaemia made before she got pancreatitis when she had her large lipoma aspirated for cytology. But nothing’s perfect in this world and the vet and her assistants who treated her for the pancreatitis were fantastic.
    Just put the Old Dog down a few weeks ago aged fifteen and a half, not too bad for a half Lab bitzer – a much loved friend and companion, still much missed.
    Great Twitter pictures of you and your dog.

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