Surgical Oncology Consultations

Veterinary Surgical Oncology Teleconsulting

Teleconsulting by Dr. Sarah Boston

Dr. Sarah Boston is now offering telemedicine consultations for surgical oncology and select soft tissue cases. Her mission is to help clients and referring veterinarians with the diagnosis, staging and treatment of pets with cancer. Consultations can be either vet-to-vet or vet-to-client, depending on the patient’s location and client preferences. For cases in Ontario, Dr Boston can provide either type of consultation. Vet-to-client consultations require a referral from the pet’s primary care veterinarian. From there, we can arrange for in-person care at a referral hospital in the GTA. For cases outside of Ontario, Dr. Boston will consult directly with your veterinarian to provide recommendations and advice for case management. To refer a case, click the button below.

For veterinarians in Ontario who would like to refer a case for a vet-to-client consultation:

Please use the service called Referral Form Submission for Veterinarians to download a referral form, fill out the referral information and then upload the completed form and supporting documentation. Your client will be contacted with instructions on how to book a telemedicine consultation with Dr. Boston. The client will pay directly on this platform. Click here to get started.

For veterinarians outside of Ontario and/or veterinarians within Ontario who prefer a vet-to-vet consultation:
Please use the service called Vet-to-Vet Consultation with Dr. Boston to book a time for consultation. Please use the attached referral form, fill it out, and upload the completed form and supporting documentation before your appointment. Your office will pay directly on this platform. We recommend you secure payment from your client before booking the appointment. Click here to get started.
For clients who would like a consultation:
Please note that this service is only available within Ontario due to licensing restrictions. Within Ontario, you must be referred by a veterinarian who can provide your pet’s medical information. Unfortunately, direct referral requests or questions cannot be answered. Click here to get started.