Stand Up Comedy



Sarah has had a circuitous route to the glamorous world of stand-up comedy. Writing Lucky Dog got Sarah on the path of comedy writing and eventually, she found stand-up. Now she can’t stop/won’t stop. Sarah has taken stand-up classes at Second City, Absolute Comedy, and the American Comedy Institute and is a 2023 graduate of the Humber College Comedy Performance and Writing Program. At Humber she was a recipient of the Joanne Downey Memorial Scholarship, the Tim Sims Encouragement Award and the Academic Award of Excellence in her program because she is a total nerd in all aspects of her life.

Sarah loves doing stand-up for veterinarians and normal people too. She has a mission to try to make veterinarians laugh because she thinks, as a profession, we really need to do this more. Sarah draws inspiration from all around her because as Nora Ephron said, “Everything is copy.”

Available for corporate events and Netflix specials.